Paranormal News Of The Week: January 12th, 2019

Jason and Eric roll out the first podcast talking about Tim Cook from Apple introducing iSuppository - a device that will help monitor your health that's tied to your iPhone and iWatch.

We might be kidding, or are we?

We also talk more about how the government is using or desire for convinced and connectivity to monitor us and the erosion of our rights to privacy.

Why aren't we talking about the riots in France anymore, is it because the news organizations have moved on to the United States Federal Government shutting down over Trump's wall or barrier?

We wrap up the show talking about the Conspiracy Theory surrounding the death around Right-Wing journalist Bre Payton!

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Show links...

Ars Technica: "Tim Cook points at new services and health-tech propelling Apple’s future Apple's CEO doesn't hold back when talking services, wearables, and Qualcomm." VALENTINA PALLADINO - 1/9/2019, 10:16 AM

Buisness Insider: Tim Cook says that improving people's health will be 'Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind' Kif Leswing Jan. 9, 2019

Collective Evolution: "Journalist Who Broke Story Of Mueller Deleting Text Messages Dies Suddenly," | January 2, 2019 By Richard Enos

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