Paranormal News Of The Week: February 2nd, 2019

This time on The Metaphysical Connection - Jason Cousineau and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about the paranormal news for the week, February 2nd, 2019.

Thanks to the Polar Vortex of 2019 we dust off some older theories about the Earth plunging into another Ice Age and reminisce about The Blizard of '78, YouTube burying Conspiracy Theory videos, an Isreali scientific team claiming that they'll have the cure for cancer in a year, another theory about the end of the world coming to an end thanks to a disaster at the local particle accelerator...

And, if you here a strange echo in the background during the last half of the show, it's not you, it was us and the recording software on our end.

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Show links...

BlindFold "A “Mini-Ice Age” Could Hit Earth By 2030, Scientists Warn A “Mini-Ice Age” Could Hit Earth By 2030, Scientists Warn" | January 30, 2019 - "Amid rising concerns over the effects of global warming, a group of scientists has claimed that the Earth could in a little over a decade be hit by a “mini ice age” that would freeze major rivers. The startling prediction is based on a mathematical model of the Sun’s magnetic energy which also suggests that Earth’s temperature will start dropping in 2021."

CNET: Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook's ad model: 'We don't sell people's data' In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Facebook's CEO tries to allay users' fears about advertising on the social network. BY CLAIRE REILLY JANUARY 24, 2019 7:29 PM PST

TheStreet: "YouTube to Stop Promoting Conspiracy Videos Videos won't be censored, but will not be promoted in a bid to curb their spread."

Alphabet Inc.'s (GOOGL - Get Report) YouTube is changing the way it promotes videos in a move to stave off giving credibility to conspiracy theorists and others promoting "borderline" objectionable entertainment, the business said Friday. Using both machine learning and people who will evaluate videos, YouTube will target a tiny fraction of the entertainment streamed on its website that "comes close to-but doesn't quite cross the line of-violating our Community Guidelines." "To that end," said YouTube in a blog post Friday, "we'll begin reducing recommendations of borderline content and content that could misinform users in harmful ways-such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the earth is flat, or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11."

Forbes: Israeli Scientists Claim They're On The Path To A Cure For Cancer.

It doesn't seem possible. But they say it's true. A small team of Israeli scientists is telling the world they will have the first “complete cure” for cancer within a year, The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday. And not only that, but they claim it will be brief, cheap and effective and will have no or minimal side-effects.

ScienceAlert: Earth Could Be Crushed to The Size of a Soccer Field by Particle Accelerator Experiments, Says Astronomer.

Martin Rees, a well-respected British cosmologist, made pretty bold statement late last year when it comes to particle accelerators: there's a small, but real possibility of disaster.

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