Paranormal News Of The Week: December 1st, 2018

Jason Cousineau and I, Eric Renderking Fisk wrap up our month of Government Conspiracy Theories and Coverups by talking about the prosecution of Julian Assange, the important works of his website and others that exposes wrongdoing. We also talk about decolonizing Mars and the ethical questions of space exploration, genetically modified babies, and more. All this and laughs on The Metaphysical Connection’s Paranormal News of The Week: December 1st, 2018 with Jason Cousineau.

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WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has secretly filed criminal charges against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, a person familiar with the case said, a drastic escalation of the government’s yearslong battle with him and his anti-secrecy group.

Top Justice Department officials told prosecutors over the summer that they could start drafting a complaint against Mr. Assange, current and former law enforcement officials said. The charges came to light late Thursday through an unrelated court filing in which prosecutors inadvertently mentioned them.

“The court filing was made in error,” said Joshua Stueve, a spokesman for the United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Virginia. “That was not the intended name for this filing.”

Mr. Assange has lived for years in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London and would have to be arrested and extradited if he were to face charges in federal court, altogether a multistep diplomatic and legal process.

CNN: "Chinese scientist claims world's first gene-edited babies, amid denial from hospital and international outcry," By Oscar Holland and Serenitie Wang, Updated 12:56 PM ET, Tue November 27, 2018

Hong Kong (CNN)The Chinese government has ordered an "immediate investigation" into the alleged delivery of the world's first genetically edited babies, as experts worldwide voiced outrage at such use of the technology. The pushback comes amid claims made online by Chinese scientist He Jiankui that twin girls had been born with DNA altered to make them resistant to HIV, a groundbreaking move that is likely to spark significant ethical questions around gene editing and so-called designer babies. He, a professor at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, claims that his lab had been editing embryos' genetic codes for seven couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization. In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, the Chinese researcher said that one of the pregnancies had been successful and that ostensibly healthy twin girls Lulu and Nana had been born "a few weeks ago."

The Fedora Chronicles: "The Information Is Not Secure" Eric Renderking Fisk | December 1st, 2010

Gizmodo: Decolonizing Mars: Are We Thinking About Space Exploration All Wrong?

Lucianne Walkowicz, the NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology, hosted an event in September to bring these ideas to the public called “Becoming Interplanetary: What Living on Earth Can Teach Us about Living on Mars.”We chatted with her, as well as event panelists Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, about what decolonizing Mars means to them. This is just a small snippet of the broader conversation that includes well-known scientists, artists, and science fiction writers.

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