Episode 61 - Seventy Years Of Roswell

Walt Schnabel and Eric Renderking Fisk discuss 70 years of Roswell, how the incident in the desert in New Mexico more than 7 decades ago changed the world in many various aspects – from pop culture and Sci-Fi, to shattering the trust the public had with the U.S. Government, the birth of a thousand conspiracy theories, to the way we look at the universe and how we may not be alone.

This week’s bumper music is Giorgio Moroder’s Theme from Midnight Express which has been used by Art Bell on in his shows “Midnight In The Desert” and “Coast to Coast AM.” This is our way of saying thanks to Mr. Bell and his decades of broadcasting and his dedication of getting at the truth of what’s been happening in the realm of the supernatural and paranormal.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

Show Notes...

The Day After Roswell

The Day After Roswell  Audiobook – Unabridged William J. Birnes (Author, Narrator), Philip Corso (Author), Simon & Schuster Audio (Publisher)

Now on audio! The best-selling exposé that ends the decades-old controversy surrounding the infamous and mysterious crash of an unidentified aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

Backed by documents declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.), a member of President Eisenhower's National Security Council and former head of the Foreign Technology Desk in the US Army, has come forward to reveal his personal stewardship of alien artifacts from the Roswell crash. He tells us how he spearheaded the army's reverse-engineering project that led to today's integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, and super-tenacity fibers and "seeded" the Roswell alien technology to giants of American industry. Laying bare the US government's shocking role in the Roswell incident - what was found, the cover-up, and how they used alien artifacts to change the course of 20th-century history - The Day After Roswell is an extraordinary memoir that forces us to reconsider not only the past but also our role in the universe.

Daily Mail: Roswell officer's amazing deathbed admission raises possibility that aliens DID visit By NICK POPE Last updated at 01:03 30 June 2007 Read more:

But last week came an astonishing new twist to the Roswell mystery - which casts new light on the incident and raises the possibility that we have, indeed, been visited by aliens.

Lieutenant Walter Haut was the public relations officer at the base in 1947, and was the man who issued the original and subsequent press releases after the crash on the orders of the base commander, Colonel William Blanchard.

Haut died last year, but left a sworn affidavit to be opened only after his death.

Last week, the text was released and asserts that the weather balloon claim was a cover story, and that the real object had been recovered by the military and stored in a hangar. He described seeing not just the craft, but alien bodies.


ROSWELL: 'Aliens DID crash UFO but truth would end RELIGION and cripple stock markets' AN ALIEN spacecraft definitely crashed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell, but the truth has been covered up amid fears it could end religion and cripple global finances, an expert has claimed. By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 03:55, Sat, Jan 21, 2017 | UPDATED: 12:23, Sat, Jan 21, 2017

Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting - Wikipedia

The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred on June 24, 1947, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed that he saw a string of nine, shiny unidentified flying objectsflying past Mount Rainier at speeds that Arnold estimated at a minimum of 1,200 miles an hour (1,932 km/hr). This was the first post-War sighting in the United States that garnered nationwide news coverage and is credited with being the first of the modern era of UFO sightings, including numerous reported sightings over the next two to three weeks. Arnold's description of the objects also led to the press quickly coining the terms flying saucer and flying disc as popular descriptive terms for UFOs.

Telegraph: Roswell 'was Soviet plot to create US panic' - May 13, 2011 - The so-called Roswell Incident of 1947 spawned conspiracy theories by the score. ... and documentaries in the 1970s made allegations of alien life forms. ... According to the book, the plot started after the Soviet Union seized ...

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