Episode 43 - Artificial Evolution: Transhumanism, Bioengineering, and hacking The Mind.

In this episode, Walt Schnabel, Eric Renderking Fisk, and Jim Loretta talk about the rise of the machines and how technology is changing the way humans interact with each other and with the machines around them.

Walt talks about the long term implications of this, and how the machines will make you human beings lose your soul and how transhumanism will be the end of spirituality, Jim interjects with some conspiracy theories that involve the crash in Roswell, New Mexico, and alien autopsies that lead to reverse engineering, and as always Eric brings the conversation into the gutter by mentioning how perverts will use this for pornography and having sexual intercourse with androids.

But first, here some needless human banter about Thanksgiving, Jim, and his Toyota Prius pimped up to look like The Enterprise shuttlecraft, Galileo and the ubiquitous reference to Jim Morrison and the Doors from Walt.

Show Notes...

Nexus Newsfeed: Part 1: E.T. retrieval team and “alien war” in Greenland

Nexus Newsfeed: USAF father's young son abducted by greys and praying mantis being

Educating humanity: New Information Claims Dead Aliens Were On The Roswell UFO Roswell UFO BREAKTHROUGH? 'Welder at crash site saw TWO dead ALIENS in flying saucer'," Friday, December 2, 2016



Nexus Newsfeed: New nanotech could allow phones to fully charge in seconds

Nexus Newsfeed: Computing at light speed: The world’s first photonic neural network has arrived

MIT Technology Review: Silicon Photonic Neural Network Unveiled

Princeton University: "Photonic Neuromorphic Signal Processing and Computing," Alexander N. Tait, Mitchell A. Nahmias, Yue Tian, Bhavin J. Shastri and Paul R. Prucnal

More on "photonic neuromorphic chip"

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