Episode 86 - Paul Is Dead?

Mike Willams, host of the Sage of Quay radio show, joins us to discuss a controversial conspiracy theory that just won't go away. Mike presents a convincing argument, based on years of research, that original Beatle Paul McCartney was decapitated in a car crash in 1966. He was replaced by an impostor named Bill Shepard who continues to play the role to this day. We also discuss the pivotal role of the Tavistock Institute and Masonic influence on this 50 year charade. As the saying goes: "If you're going to tell a lie-make it a big one". Decide for yourself!

From Mike Williams website:

Mike Williams is a critical thinker and the host of the popular internet radio show The Sage of Quay Radio Hour. He is also the founder of the alternative news blog Sage of Quay Radio

Mike's radio show and blog is dedicated to awakening the masses and bring humanity back into our natural existence of living in truth and serving Creation.  Mike brings his audience information on alternative news, alternative research, conspiracy, holistic healing, the esoteric, spirituality and much more. Mike and his guests are real people with real knowledge on topics and issues you need to know about.

Mike is also an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter. His debut album Leaving Dystopia was released February 2013 and Mike's follow-up, Hollow Moon,  released world wide on February 27, 2018. Please visit Mike's musician page for more information about his music and check out his Do It Yourself guitar channel on YouTube.

From Wikipedia -

"Cover of a 1969 magazine entitled “Paul McCartney Dead The Great Hoax' A magazine discussing the rumour "Paul is dead" is an urban legend and conspiracy theory alleging that Paul McCartney, of the English rock band the Beatles, died in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. In September 1969, American college students published articles claiming that clues to McCartney's supposed death could be found among the lyrics and artwork of the Beatles' recordings. Clue-hunting proved infectious and, within a few weeks, had become an international phenomenon. Rumours declined after a contemporary interview with McCartney was published in Life magazine in November 1969. References to the legend are still occasionally made in popular culture. McCartney himself poked fun at it with his 1993 live album, entitling it Paul Is Live, with cover art parodying clues allegedly on the cover of the Beatles' album Abbey Road."

... Hundreds of supposed clues to McCartney's death have been reported by fans and followers of the legend. These include messages perceived when listening to a song being played backwards and symbolic interpretations of both lyrics and album cover imagery.[13] One oft-cited example is the suggestion that the words "I buried Paul" are spoken by McCartney's bandmate John Lennon in the final section of the song "Strawberry Fields Forever". Lennon later said that the words were actually "cranberry sauce".[14] Another is the interpretation of the Abbey Road album cover as depicting a funeral procession, in which Lennon, dressed in white, symbolises the heavenly figure; Ringo Starr, dressed in black, symbolises the undertaker; George Harrison, in denim, symbolises the gravedigger; and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with the others, symbolises the corpse..."

About The Memoirs Of Billy Shears:

The Memoirs of Billy Shears brings astonishing facts to light that have been hidden for decades. It is the source for Billy's Back!, Beatles Enlightenment, and The Talent Contest, and also includes nine chapters that were not selected for those compilations.

Billy's Back! has the best of the Memoirs' "Paul is Dead" material (excluding those chapters with enough philosophical significance to be included in Beatles Enlightenment) and also excluding those that were considered too dark to be included in either compilation.

Some of the Memoirs' chapters that were excluded from compilations contain material that many readers would find disturbing--such as some Biblical humor (about the 666 beat with four heads), the Beatles involvement in Satanism, and, of course, their Paulism. We highly recommend that no one read this book until after reading Billy's Back!, which, by the end of that book, puts all such things in context. The Memoirs set world and regional records for its writing and encoding sophistication as explained below. Just as the Beatles heavily encoded many of their songs with clues about Paul's death, so too is this book, which explains those songs, also encoded throughout. Although this book reads like an extraordinary autobiography, the encoding methods used technically make it a poem, the longest one ever written in the Americas.



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